• Club Cafe (map)
  • 209 Columbus Avenue
  • Boston, MA, 02116
  • United States

Do you want to be in a music video? Do you love Marimba Cabaret? Do you want to cheer and applaud as we record several takes of the same 25 minutes of music like it was the first time you ever heard it? If so, sign up below! Admission is free. RSVP required.

About Marimba Cabaret
See what happens when a classically-trained percussionist with a love of musical theater (and killer shoes) puts on a show. Brian Calhoon’s Marimba Cabaret brings together years of training and passion in an evening of theater tunes, art song, and pop covers performed on marimba, vibraphone, and voice. Directed and accompanied by percussionist Greg Jukes, Brian will sing, play, and (at times) stand 7-feet tall in Club Cafe's Moonshine Room.

Marimba Cabaret: Live Recording
Club Cafe's Moonshine Room

Monday, March 12, 2018
7:00pm doors open
7:30pm recording starts
9:30pm wrap-up

Since this is a live recording, there will be no bar or table service. You're welcome to get drinks or food in the main bar area and bring it back into the Moonshine Room. There will be a short break where guests can record testimonials about how fabulous you think the show is. ;-)